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                         Wooden Photo Puzzle - 500 Pieces
Pieces -  500
Size -  20" x 14"
Price -  $139.00
Type -   Wood Puzzles
Made By -  
  The Puzzle House - Wooden Photo Puzzle - 500 Pieces
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Are you often stuck for what to buy relatives and friends for their birthdays, for special occasions, special achievements and so on. Personal wooden photo puzzles are such fun to receive as gifts, especially as there’s no reference picture. The delight they generate when the image is revealed is truly wonderful. Most of our customers order wooden photo personal puzzles that feature their pets, babies, weddings and family groups, many of which we are requested to send to relatives and friends, some living abroad.

All wooden photo puzzles are craftsman-made in England to an exceptionally high quality with no two pieces alike. They are also quite difficult to complete. This is heightened by the famous whimsies, pieces so-called because, in Victorian times, the cutters cut them on a whim. The whimsies are generally related to the subject of the image, eg. a puzzle of your favorite pet would feature animal whimsies, a puzzle of your garden would feature plants, tools, even a gardener leaning on a hoe and so on. There are up to 25 whimsies per puzzle.

If you would like to create the perfect present, all you have to do is complete the order form and send it to us with your photograph. We shall then dispatch your unique wooden photo puzzle packed in a lovely cotton draw-string bag in a smart gold-blocked box. The average production and delivery time is 4-5 weeks from the date we receive your order.


You may submit transparencies, photographs, disks or prints with the order form provided that they meet the following criteria (we suggest that you package photographs carefully so they do not bend in the mail):

a) you must hold the copyright to the image OR have written clearance from
the copyright holder to use it.

b) the image submitted should be in a 1 to 1.4 ratio - a 5" x 7" (125mm x
180mm) postcard size is ideal. If the image is square or panoramic it will
need to be cropped.

c) if you submit a transparency (no 35mm slides) we need a positive
approved image for color matching. Transparencies will be returned, on request.

d) if you are submitting an approved print, it must be no larger than 16"
x 11" (400mm x 280mm), without creases or other blemishes. Please submit 2 positive approved images.

e) if you submit digital images on disc, it must be to MAC format, preferably as a .tif file scanned to 300 dpi and scanned in at the size of the photo puzzle, along with an approved print. Images can be supplied on CD Rom or Zip Disk.

Please remember that all images must be submitted with the order form.
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