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Help/FAQs for Online Puzzles
How To Play | Help/FAQs for Online Puzzles

I'm having problems running shockwave.
All of the puzzle pieces are black.
Can I save a puzzle and complete it later?
How often do you change your online puzzle images?
I think I'm missing a piece, is this possible?
Why do you offer these online jigsaw puzzles for free?
Do the pieces rotate?
Can I make the size of the puzzle larger?
My problem is not listed, what should I do?

I'm having problems running shockwave.

If you are having problems either downloading, installing, or running the shockwave player, please go to get.adobe.com/shockwave for help.

Some people who installed the most recent version of Shockwave are having problems with Shockwave while using the online puzzles. If you are having problems, we suggest you try a different web browser if possible or contact Shockwave directly for help. You should also make sure your web browser is set to 32 bits and not 64 bits as this can sometimes cause an issue.

Also, make sure that you enable Active X downloads for IE browser users (under the internet options tab). After installing Flash, you may need to close/open your browser and come back to the online puzzle, to finish the last steps of the Flash-Install. Online puzzles may not load until you do this.
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All of the puzzle pieces are black?

For older versions of AOL click on the icon that says My AOL. Now click on preferences, then click on the WWW icon the one with W on it and WWW under it. A box will come up that says internet options, click the tab that says Web Graphics near the top of box and the uncheck compress graphics. Click Apply at bottom of box, then click OK and close that out.

Please note you will may to restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

If you have AOL version 6.0, go to the menu bar and the click on settings to find the same thing.

If you have AOL version 9.0 go to settings, click on internet options, click on browser, and then select the "never compress graphics" button.

General Help
Some non AOL users also experience this problem, usually their browser, either Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Netscape is out of date. To fix this problem, try updating your browser to the most recent version or trying a different web browser. Also, some users have reported problems if they use the 64bit version of their browser (try changing to 32bits).
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Can I save a puzzle and complete it later?

Yes. The only requirement is that you use the same computer and browser once you saved the puzzle. Just click on the save button at the bottom of the puzzle.

If you are having trouble locating a puzzle you saved you need to open up the same puzzle, same image/level of difficulty, using the same computer/browser (exactly as you did the first time you started the online puzzle), and then once the puzzle loads, click on the "load" button on the bottom of the jigsaw puzzle engine. The saved puzzle should then appear.
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How often do you change your online puzzle images?

We add new puzzles about every month. If you ever have any requests, please feel free to let us know about them.
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I think I'm missing a piece, is this possible?

To make the online puzzles more realistic, there is sometimes a missing piece or two. Just kidding, we would never be that cruel. However, if you think you are missing a piece, it is most likely stuck behind the part of the puzzle that has already been completed. To solve this problem, simply move the completed puzzle around by left clicking on it and moving your mouse until you can see the piece behind the puzzle.
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Why do you offer these online puzzles for free?

We have decided to offer these free online puzzles a way of saying thanks to our customers for their continuing support of The Puzzle House.
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Do the pieces rotate?

All of the jigsaw puzzle pieces are already in the right position. There is no need to rotate them.
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Can I make the size of the puzzle larger?

No, unfortunately there is no way to make the size of the puzzle larger.
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My problem is not listed, what should I do?

If you can't find an adequate solution to your problem or question simply fill out our contact form, and we will be more than happy to help. Make sure to include your e-mail address so we can get back to you. You can also check our regular FAQ's for a possible answer.
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